Saturday, September 29, 2012

Last of my Trip

Here is the last of the pictures from my trip!  Finally!  ;)

They had Asian elephants ...

and African elephants.

This lion was roaring right before I took this pic.!  It was soooo cool!  i had never heard that before!

After that we went back down the mountain and home.  It was really pretty on the way down it was dusk and there was a rain storm down in the plain that was AWESOME to watch!

Well, that's it!  now I'll get back to the kids!  I have so many fun ones to show so check back soon!  ;)

Friday, September 28, 2012


Here are some more!  Hope I'm not boring you all!  But I have only one more posts worth!  ;)

They had these signs all over the Zoo and they were so graphic!  We all thought they were sooooo funny!!!!  :D

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Well, I had just a min. so i decided to post the first 3 of MANY pics. I got from the Zoo in Mysore.  My interenet connection is not very good right now so I only uploaded 3...

Check back for a whole lot more!  ;D

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Back to My Trip...

Well, back to my trip!  I only have one more post after this, if you can believe it!  ;D
On the way to the city of Mysore, we passed some rice fields which were really cool!  It was my first time seeing them in real life.

Here are some oxen with a plow.

While we were in Mysore we went to this palace!  It was GORGEOUS!!!!  Like they should totally make a movie in there!  But unfortunately they don't allow any cameras what so ever, so this is the only pic. I got of it.  (You'll just have to use your imagination!)  ;)

We also visited this old Catholic church.

It was HUGE and the architecture was BEAUTIFUL!

Couldn't take pictures inside but it was soooo sad!  They were worshipping these figures of Jesus and Mary just as they would their other gods.  It was like this was just another religon added on to all the rest.  They have these beautiful, awesome smelling flower chains that they use in their Hindu worship and they were also putting these on the statues of Jesus and Mary.  Inside there were pictures on the walls of Jesus and different things in His life all the way to His death.  But the saddest part is that's where it ended!  It just made me so sad to think that these people had so much of the truth but were yet so far away!  It reminded me of the verse in 2 Timothy 3:5   'Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof...'  So sad...

Well, after that we went to a zoo which was REALLY cool!  So come back to see pictures from that!  Hope you all have a blessed Sunday!  :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Coconut Brooms

Putting a hold on my Mysore trip.
Yesterday when I went over to the kids there had been a load of coconut branches dropped off and they were busy stripping the leaves for a coconut broom!
It was really neat!  Something I had never seen before! 
They were having a BLAST!  :D

First you pull the leaves off the stalk...

Next you pull the green leaf part off of the stem.  Then you scrape off the rest with a knife...

Some of them just had fun having fun.  ;)

I pitched in and helped!  It was fun!

So now when I come home I can make you all coconut brooms!  (With all the coconut trees we have around!)  ;D

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Last Few...

Hey all! Thanks sooooooooo much for the comments!!!!  They really mean a lot! :)
Here are the last few pics. from the Botanical Garden...
This is a bird that kindly held still long enough for me to take his picture!  Isn't he neat looking?!

Well, that's all from Ooty. 
The next morning we headed for the city of Mysore.  So the next post will be from there!
(Hope I'm not boring you all!)

Botanical Garden Pictures

Here are some more pictures from the Botanical Garden!




Friday, September 14, 2012

In Ooty...

Well, here are some more pics. of when I was in Ooty!
We went to The Highest Point in Ooty and unfortunately it was cloudy so the view wasn't the best but it was still cool!
There were some people selling things to eat there.  I think these are roasted chic peas or peanuts, one of the two.  But they smelled good!

We also got to go to a Tea Factory which was REALLY cool to see!  Had to pay extra to take my camera in so I just took pics. of the outside.

Here is an old Tea press...

One of the funnest things on the trip was getting to eat Indian style!  With your fingers!  :D  These noodles were REALLY good!

There are two AMAZING things here in India... One is how many things they can carry on a motorbike... the other is how many thing they can carry on their HEADS!

Next we went to a Botanical Garden which was BEATIFUL!  It was soooo cool seeing so many different kinds of flaowers, plants, and trees I have never seen before!  It will take a couple posts to show you all but here is a sample of some of the things I saw...